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PodMob is the easiest place to host a podcast and connect podcasters with their listeners.

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Simple & affordable Podcast hosting.

Easily manage, upload, and scale your podcast with dependable hosting.

Hosting is boring. With PodMob, we make the dull part of distribution, uploading, scheduling, and managing your podcast a breeze.

PodMob automatically broadcasts your Podcast to a large number of podcast players and repositories like Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more... Configure your Podcast one-time and run it on auto-pilot.

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Grow a larger audience

Bring community and more powerful metrics to every podcast episode.

Traditionally, a podcast listener would download their podcasts, listen, and the story usually ends there. What if there was a space to reflect on each episode?

With PodMob, podcast subscribers can react and comment to every episode published, with the ability to highlight precise points in the conversation with time stamped commenting functionality. This enables people to build upon ideas shared in each podcast episode.

Understand your audience

A platform designed to help you get more from your podcasts

Trying to gain listeners’ participation by posting random podcast clips throughout various social media platforms and email lists creates space for important information to get lost in cyberspace.

PodMob provides a unified space to interact with podcast subscribers specifically. Rich analytics make learning from and growing podcasts much more feasible.

Benefit from:

  • Episode ratings
  • Comments with ratings
  • Rich analytics to see how well your content performs
  • Sharable player urls with rich timestamp linking
  • A place to communicate directly with your subscribers
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Screenshot of the PodMob feed analytics
Feed analytics
Screenshot of the PodMob episode analytics
Episode analytics

How it works

Getting your podcasts live is simple with PodMob.

1. Create or Import your podcast feed One-time only

Customize your podcast and submit it to a number of built in channels. Each podcast episode gets a dedicated discussion where listeners can respond to each episode.

2. Publish your first episode

Once your feed has at least one published episode, PodMob automatically fetches new episodes as you publish them. Every feed, episode, and comment can be upvoted and downvoted. Track downloads, devices (standard plans), in-app plays, visits, top ranking episodes and more with rich analytics (pro & business plans only)

2. Done. Your podcast and community is live!

Your listeners can head to any episode to comment in real-time on their favorite moments down to the second. Listeners can mention other users, leave a time-stamp in the comment to call attention to a specific point of the episode, ask questions, and leave your rating.

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