Hello World

"Hello World". Every software creator's first words when publishing a new concept or idea.

Today marks the very first blog post for the PodMob brand. I'm very excited to get to this point but know this is only the beginning of a long and challenging road ahead.

Podcasting is one of my favorite pass-times. You can learn a lot from being a fly on the wall of conversations that take place on a podcast. Plenty of inspiration, entertainment, and wisdom gets spread making podcasting truly in a league of its own.

As an avid listener podcasts, I always sought for ways to improve pre-existing experiences that podcasting offers (most of which are quite old and cumbersome). Some podcasts are great for liesurely listening while others require feedback from listeners.

That feedback channel is where the idea for PodMob was born. Today, the main feedback channel podcasters leverage is social media. These networks are great for day-to-day interaction but weren't built for podcast reflection or comments.

While it's understandable most podcasters need some place to store their recorded audio, the story often ends there for podcast hosting providers. Sure, you can share a link to your feed, tweet about it on Twitter, start a Facebook group, and more but those take you away from the content and aren't really built to offer up valuable feedback about a given podcast episode.

Podcasters can't measure engagement or see how their content performs over time since their audience gets scattered throughout the social web.

How PodMob is different

Combined with dependable hosting, PodMob compunds on the social/community component. The application gives you a space to discuss each episode with your listeners as well as offer them a consistent feedback channel to help you both improve your content and grow your audience. You can leverage more in-depth analytics, ratings, and feedback loops to really see what your audience cares about the most.

We still recommend sharing your content wherever your audience may live but now they have a place to respond and network with like-minded listeners.

PodMob is in private beta at the moment. We have a waitlist for those looking to help perfect the software early. If that sounds like you be sure to join the waitlist. You can use PodMob for free while we work out the kinks and perfect what we have in store.

As progress continues I'll share more details on features, progress, opportunities, failures, and more. I have a podcast called the The Solo Startup in the making as well. Be sure to subscribe to follow along.

Here we go…



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