The Vision of PodMob

Why another podcast host? Why now?

Podcasting is old tech but tech that has been praised for being open and free. Behind the scenes of a podcast feed is something called an RSS feed. Years ago when personal and professional blogs were all the buzz many people used an RSS aggregator to follow their favorite blogs. This tool essentially built a dynamic feed of articles from different blogs around the world.

What's great about RSS is that it can be used for other types of data too. Podcasting is one of those things. Each Podcast typically has its own "feed" that contains information about the podcast, it's author(s), and all the episode and copyright information. When a new episode gets published the RSS feed refreshes and broadcasts the updates to any aggregators out in the world. This is the dawn of "push notifications" if you're familiar with those.

More recently there has been a rise in people starting podcasts. Whether due to there being a global pandemic or some people just wanting to approach marketing in an new way, one thing is for sure, podcasting seems like it's here to stay.

Building community and communication streams

Today, when I think of podcasting I think of it as a one-way communication channel. Podcast author's hit record, edit their podcast, and hit publish. From there the story seems to end besides hearing some bits of feedback scattered across social media networks.

A Podcast owner can see basic analytics that often vary including downloads, devices, and geographic locations of their listeners. These analytics are quite narrow and really don't tell the whole story about how a Podcast is actually performing. This issue has always left me asking why the one-way communication stream couldn't be a two-way.

As a dedicated listener of many podcasts I often develop a bond with certain hosts. I've always thought it would be great if a conversation could continue after an episode ends.

If there was a place to post feedback about episodes, feedback about the podcast itself, and network with fellow listeners, podcasting could be even more great.

Enter PodMob

PodMob is podcast hosting with a community-driven twist. While there are plenty of podcast hosts out there, most don't give you a built-in community that your audience can connect on. Having such a place would allow more podcasters to spend their time creating higher quality content rather than trying to leverage social media to grow. On top of PodMob's community features there are more useful distribution, analytic, and audience building tools at your arsenal.

Switching to PodMob happens in a sinch. Simply import your feed from your current host and we'll take care of the rest. New to podcasting? No problem, we make it easy to get started and upload your first episode.

PodMob is in early beta. We have a waitlist dedicated to those who would like to help us build community-driven podcasts. If that sounds like you and you have a podcast, join the waitlist today.